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Hi I'm David Lurie

Thank you for visiting my website.

In 2003 I gave up a cushy, six-figure corporate job and sold my home to start my first online business. Like most entrepreneurs starting out, I faced quite a few roadblocks and had many failures.

Within 12 months I ran out of money and had to get a full-time night job to keep the funds coming in, whilst during the day I worked in the business.

Within the next 18 months, I managed to turn my idea into a million dollar a year online business.

Today I run several successful online and offline businesses. They include a software company that builds smart, affordable web-based software for entrepreneurs and small business owners, a local online marketing company that helps small business owners market and grow their business online. I also run a coaching & consulting business that teaches other Entrepreneurs how to start their own online business and build recurring income and make money while they sleep, plus I also have recently opened 3 x F45 Training studios in Melbourne, Australia.

My entrepreneur philosophy is all about building multiple streams of income and recurring revenue business models.

Every business I own today has one underlying common denominator - "recurring income". I am attracted to business models that make you money while you sleep.

If you want some help or direction with your entrepreneurial pursuit or don't know where to start then drop me a line and I can point you in the right direction.

I really enjoy catching up with other like-minded entrepreneurs over a coffee and discussing business ideas and growth strategies.


To Your Success!
David Lurie

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