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How to Become an Instant Authority in Your Industry

Boost Your Sales, Become the "Go To Business" & Fast-Track Your Success Online 

If you want to build, market and grow your business this year you must become the authority in your niche.

By becoming the perceived “GO TO BUSINESS" in your local business community and networks you'll find it much easier and more cost effective to generate leads and grow your business.

If you don't the take


How to Build 11 Websites in less than 10 Minutes

Instant Multi Website Builder or IMWB for short is an amazing piece of software that I developed to build websites fast and manage them from one admin panel.

This software is a gamechanger, especially if you own lots of domains and want to put websites on them without getting held up with cost, tech or time.

It's also ideal for internet marketers and small business owners that understand the value


5 Tips for Becoming an Authority in Your Niche Fast

To become successful online today, attract new customers and grow your brand you need to showcase your expertise and become the authority in your niche or industry.

If you have been in business for a while you've probably already built up trust, credibility and some degree of authority amongst your client base, the problem is outside the four walls of your office no-one really knows who you are or


5 Common Causes of Google Penalties and How to Avoid Them

Google penalties can wipe your website off the face of the earth into the what is known as the "Google Sandbox" never to be seen again. Depending on your seo violation a Google penalty can potentially ruin your business and significantly reduce the number of visitors to your site.

Penalties can range from dropping a few places in search engine rankings to complete removal from the search index. Once


9 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Without a blog, your website will never perform as well as it could. Blogs are an essential ingredient for online success, and many businesses have seen their profits skyrocket after starting one. And the more you write, the greater the rewards. Still not convinced? 

1. Google Loves Fresh Content
In the murky world of search engine optimisation, Google is king. And it's a well-established fact read more...

6 Ways to Improve Website User Experience

If visitors do not easily find what they want on your website, they will leave. Therefore, it is important that you optimise the user experience on your site and keep your visitors coming back. Here are six tips to help you achieve this goal.

Test, Track, Measure

Conduct tests to determine what does and doesn't work on your website. There are tools that allow you to conduct split testing, wherein y


4 Things To Remember For An Effective Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing is one the most quickest and effective ways to build your brand and grow engage with potential new customers.

However, like most things that are new, social media can take up a lot of your time, especially if you don't really know what you are doing.

Here are 4 social media marketing strategies that will save you time and fast-track your results.

1. When you write blog posts


Why Your Website Must Have SEO Friendly URLS

One of the most important SEO ranking factors your website MUST have in place is "SEO Friendly URLS".

If you dont have search engine friendly urls then your website will struggle to rank well on the search results, especially Google.

In the early years of running my first online business (the one i quit my high paying corporate job to start), I never knew about SEO friendly urls. I spent a long time


5 Benefits of Using an Experienced Online Marketing Consultant

Online marketing for most business owners is quite challenging. With so many things you have to be aware of and technology to learn it's no wonder most small business owners FAIL.

Online marketing, including your website, paid advertising, seo, and social media, all require a certain specialised knowledge to make them work.

While an entrepreneur might choose to perform these tasks themselves, the s


A Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

If you want to sell products or services online, it is important to understand the basics of successful online marketing. Over the years, there has been a plethora of material addressing online marketing, but not all of it is good or even relevant in a world that is continually evolving in the technology arena. If you want to build an online brand, the best place to start is at the beginning, usin


How to Blog and Become an Authority in Your Niche

If you want to become the “go to business or person” in your industry or niche you MUST have blog– your customers expect it. Blogging has been the No 1 content marketing strategy used by most of the top internet marketers and top 100 companies for years to build their database of loyal followers, customers and fans.

You may have heard the term “the money is in your list&rdq


The Changing Face of SEO For Small Business

Just like any other area of digital marketing and website design, search engine optimisation has continued to evolve over the years to such an extent that it is barely recognizable when compared to how it worked even as little as five years ago. With Google often keeping quiet about its numerous ranking factors, and the plethora of contradictory opinions and techniques, many novice marketers find


How to Get More Customers with SEO

In my opinion, SEO is still one of the best and most cost effective ways to generate leads and attract new customers to your business.

Think about it.

If your website comes up at the top of Google when someone does a search actively looking for a business that does what you do.

Then there's a good chance they might click to visit your website.

Which is really what you want to happen right? A p


If You Have an Idea for a Business... Stick With It

I read an interesting article recently about Entrepreneurs and why most fail to succeed.

It said if you've got an idea that works... stick with it.

Don't start or find another one.

It said If you make a $1 from an idea... workout how to make $10

Then $100, $1000, $10,000, $100,000 and so on

Then employ someone smarter than you to help you scale it and make $1,000,000, $10,000,000, $100,000,0000

It w




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