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My name is David Lurie, I'm an entrepreneur and digital marketing business coach that specialises in helping business owners harness the power of the internet to grow their business and turn their ideas into reality.

In 2003 I started my first online business from my bedroom and within 3 years grew it into a million dollar a year business.

It wasn't all smooth sailing!

The internet can MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY if you do it RIGHT and it can COST you a lot of money if you do it WRONG.

 I've done both, and I can help you avoid making the costly mistakes and fast-track your success.

The way people do business has changed AND unless you want to go out of business or just go along surviving, then YOU need to change the way you market your business.

You need to get better at marketing - period.

I am also an experienced SEO Consultant that can help you get your website to the top of Google.

SEO has played a vital role in the success of all my businesses and still does today even though the rules of seo have changed somewhat.

My SEO Company helps business owners get their websites found on page one of Google so they can generate more leads and sales. SEO is a must if you want to succeed online because most people click on the organic search results and you shouldn't have to rely on pay per click advertising to keep the leads coming in.

Through my marketing consulting and coaching I help clients develop a digital marketing blueprint and marketing plan that outlines the exact steps to follow to ensure maximum success is achieved.

There are certain foundations every business must have in place.

I help you put this in place.

Then we work on strategy. (most business owners don't have one)

It's really all about connecting all the dots so you can maximise your online marketing efforts and ROI.

Plus unless you get up to speed in the digital space your business will struggle at some stage if it isn't already.

Unlike a lot of business coaches that talk the talk....

Through my coaching programs I show you exactly what you NEED to do and in what order.

I can also help you get it done!

Conact me for a no obligation chat about how I can help your business.








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