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The Best Practice Program - Business Coaching for Accountants & SME's

The Best Practice Program is a business coaching program created by John Peterson (a business coach) that teaches accountants and small business owners how to master their business. The program educates the business owner about the various components to building and managing a successful business. The Best Practice Progam covers topics such as "leadership, time management, recruitment, cashflow, marketing and social media marketing.

In 2013 business coach John Peterson asked me to help develop and facilitate the marketing education to members of the Best Practice Program which entailed travelling the country on a weekly basis to create and deliver variou education modules on "best practice marketing for accountants and small business owners".

I ended up putting together an education series on topics that covered;

  • How to create an effective website
  • How to generate more leads from Google
  • Search Engine Optimisation essentials for small business (SEO Training)
  • How to become the "go to business" in your local community
  • The new rules of marketing & social media for small business
  • Blogging succcess principles for small business
  • How to uncover the gold in your own backyard
  • The easiest way to increase sales of your most profitable products & services
  • How to get your clients to refer more often without having to ask

Today I help many clients that are, or have been members of the best practice program.

John Peterson and I ended up starting a company called Best Practice Marketing to provide marketing services to the SME members of the program, and a business called Market My Practice to deliver marketing for accountants.

I had already been running a digital marketing company, and still do, providing online marketing services under the banner of Market My Business and Click Local SEO. My company specialises in web design, seo services, adwords, social media and marketing coaching, so it made sense to set up another company that could provide these same services to Best Practice members.

Image: David Lurie delivering marketing module "How to Grow Your Business through Online Marketing" to Best Practice Program members in Melbourne

If you want help marketing and growing your business, I can point you in the right direction.




Useful Resources

If you are a small business owner and interested in business coaching and you live in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane you can find out more about Best Practice Business Coaching School here - www.bestpracticebusinesscoaching.com.au

If you are an accountant and want to find out about the business coaching program for accountants you can find out more about the Best Practice Program here www.bestpracticeprogram.com.au

If you are an SME (small business) and want help marketing your business then visit www.marketmybusiness.com.au

If you are an accountant and looking for help marketing your accounting practice then visit www.marketmypractice.com.au

If you are a member of the best practice program and want help with your marketing then visit www.bestpracticemarketing.com.au

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