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9 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Without a blog, your website will never perform as well as it could. Blogs are an essential ingredient for online success, and many businesses have seen their profits skyrocket after starting one. And the more you write, the greater the rewards. Still not convinced? 

1. Google Loves Fresh Content
In the murky world of search engine optimisation, Google is king. And it's a well-established fact that fresh new content is one of Google's favorite things. So if your company's sole online presence is a static website that's only updated once a year, it's going to be a lot harder to rank well in Google or the other big search engines. Writing a regular blog ensures that your website always has new material, and Google will reward you for it.

2. Educate, Inform, Storytell
If you write good content that people find useful, your readers will do your marketing for you. With every new blog post, your website gains another page that people will share on social media and link to from their own websites. This is highly targeted marketing driven by your existing audience. Promotional packages don't come much better than that, and by blogging you can get it for free.

3. Get Higher SEO Rankings for Long-Tail Keywords
Ranking well for competitive keywords like '"vacation" is almost impossible for a small business, but long-tail keywords such as "spring vacation to Costa Rica" are far less of a challenge. Of course, there aren't many people searching for these specific word chains, but regular blogging produces thousands of long-tail keywords over time, and they can become a significant source of traffic.

4. Keep Visitors On Your Site Longer
Your website's bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who only look at a single page before navigating away from your site. If you add links to related content at the bottom of every blog post, new readers are likely to click through and spend longer on your site as a result.

Of course, the longer readers spend on your site, the easier it will be to convert them into customers. Bounce rate and session duration are also known to be important metrics in Google's ranking algorithm, so you can't afford to overlook them.

5. Drive Targeted Traffic
You can utilise the power of long-tail keywords to drive exceptionally highly targeted traffic to your website. If you do a little keyword research before you start writing, you can easily find a few hyper-relevant, low-competition phrases to use. By slipping these word strings naturally into your writing, you can virtually guarantee a few extra visitors who want exactly what you're offering.

6. Entice Engagement
Nobody comments on static content, and it's shared on social media far less than blog posts are. All the extra interaction generated by a blog will make your customers more engaged and more likely to buy your products in the future. By analysing the comments you receive, you'll probably also find that this feedback is a surprisingly valuable market research tool.

7.Content for Social Media
A modern business without a strong social media presence is dead in the water. The problem is that your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such all need to be updated on a regular basis, but you'll lose followers fast if you keep sharing the same content. A blog provides you with regular new material that's ideal for posting to social media and keeping your audience engaged.

8. Become an Authority
It won't happen overnight, but if you consistently write high-quality content, your blog will become well established in your company's niche over time. If your website becomes the first place people go when they have a problem, converting those readers into buyers should be the easiest deal you ever make. It's impossible to overstate the value of being a trusted industry expert in your niche.

9. Build Your Database
If you want to keep up to date with what a company has to offer, it makes sense to sign up to their mailing list. But static websites usually have poor sign-up rates. After all, who wants to be updated on something that never changes? A blog is a great way to encourage people to join your mailing list, especially if you offer a small freebie as an extra incentive.

Excellent SEO, a great social media presence and a long mailing list of potential customers are all you need to dominate your industry. Blogging is the perfect tool to make this happen, and by posting well-written, helpful and engaging content on a regular basis, it won't be long before you're reaping the rewards. You'll be able to take your business to the next level, and it won't cost you a dime. What could be better?

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