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Tattoo Removal Trends In Australia

Whether their views or circumstances have changed, tattoo removal is on the rise. In fact, one-quarter of Australians under the age of thirty have at least one tattoo, and more than a quarter of them would now like it removed. With the tattoo removal market only set to climb, here are some insights that could help you make a smart move into the oncoming industry of tattoo removal.

Tattoos in Australia:

  • 22% of men and 29% of women between ages 20 to 29 have tattoos
  • 19% of Australians have at least one tattoo, with females averaging at 24%
  • 34% of tattooed Australians regret their tattoo, and one in seven of them are actively considering removal

Operating tattoo removal equipment requires official and effective training, which can deliver great results for both clients and businesses. It is also important that the tattoo removal machine is industry specific and highly regarded.
As tattoo removal becomes easier, the temptation of getting a tattoo is higher.

After all, why not get a tattoo if you know it can be removed with a tattoo removal machine at a later date? There are predictions that the two industries will continue to complement each other as tattoos become less permanent than traditionally. This includes more tattooing, and a wider scope of tattoo removal, which means more customers for both tattoo artists and removalists.

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