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If You Have an Idea for a Business... Stick With It

I read an interesting article recently about Entrepreneurs and why most fail to succeed.

It said if you've got an idea that works... stick with it.

Don't start or find another one.

It said If you make a $1 from an idea... workout how to make $10

Then $100, $1000, $10,000, $100,000 and so on

Then employ someone smarter than you to help you scale it and make $1,000,000, $10,000,000, $100,000,0000

It was the message I needed to stop &$)#@$ around...

Sometimes as entrepreneurs we get caught up with too many distractions and opportunties.

Over the years as an entrepreneuer i've learnt that the key is to focus on what you "really want to do" or "the one thing" - not on all the things you can do.

I have created quite a number of web based platforms and applications that make the lives of entrepreneurs and business owners so much easier when it comes to the technical side of things online.

I have designed these platforms to help them turn their ideas into reality FASTER and GROW their businesses online.

There was a time there where I got distracted and mucked around trying to invent the next smart platform instead of marketing and selling the ones I have already developed.

I have clients using my platforms to market and grow their businesses, and they pay me via a direct debit payment on a monthly basis to do so, without my involvement.

Isn't that what most people call "passive income"?

These platforms work... they change lives and make things easier for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Most importantly they make me money... and they are scalable!

It only takes a little bill shock to slap you in the face and bring your focus back to what is really important

If you have an idea for a business and you think your idea is a winner then FOCUS all your efforts and energies makng that idea work.

Find better ways, smarter technology, more creative ways of marketing - keep on going.

My good friend and mentor Napolean Hill taught me the benefits of staying the course many years ago when I gave up my high paying corporate job to start my first online business.

There were times there where I got distracted by other ideas and opportunities.

Napolean told me to focus, give it everything I had, and most importantly to stay the course.

Although it took some time and effort, and coaching from my mentors, I managed to turn what was once an idea into a million dollar a year business.

Don't let yourself get distracted by shiny objects, other ideas or someone elses dream.

STICK with YOUR IDEA and make it work.

Here is an example of one of my ideas


By the way...

If you haven't got a copy of Napolean Hills book "Think and Grow Rich" then I suggest you get it now and read it. 

This book is the ultimate blueprint for all entrepreneuers - it changed my life





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