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5 Benefits of Using an Experienced Online Marketing Consultant

Online marketing for most business owners is quite challenging. With so many things you have to be aware of and technology to learn it's no wonder most small business owners FAIL.

Online marketing, including your website, paid advertising, seo, and social media, all require a certain specialised knowledge to make them work.

While an entrepreneur might choose to perform these tasks themselves, the smartest thing you can do is outsource these tasks to an experienced online marketing consultant.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Online Marketing Consultant 

1. Get Your Website Found on Page 1 of Google

If you don't appear on the first page of the search engines, your potential clients won't know you exist.

Most people don't go past the first page of search results when searching for a local business online, they simply change their search criteria.

You can spend your valuable time trying to learn everything you can about seo and how to rank your website on Google, OR you can hire an experienced SEO Consultant.

If you hire an experienced online marketing consultant that knows how to do seo then you can potentially fast-track your growth. A good seo consultant knows how to get a website to rank on Google. They will be able to look at your website and implement the right seo strategies and link building activity to get your website to the first page of Google.

An experienced SEO consultant with a proven track record in getting their clients websites to the top of Google can be the difference between you succeeding and growing your business online or you struggling to generate leads and attract customers to your business.

  • Paid Traffic Strategies

Search engines can provide a lot of traffic that turn into leads and sales. But rather than wait for SEO results to kick in you can use pay per click advertising to generate leads, this can happen almost instantly. There are tons of networks and platforms to choose from when it comes to paid online advertising such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and Instagram to name a few. Each search engine or social network has its own paid per click web software that runs their respective advertising programs. If you do not know how to use them or which networks or search engines to advertise on then you'll likely end up spening a lot of money with most of your spend going to waste.

An experienced online marketing consultant will have experience of providing a high return on investment for your ad spend. A typical advertising campaign will involve uncovering where your prospects spend their time and creating optimised ad campaign to target them. When it comes to pay per click advertising, especially Google Adwords you cannot set and forget.

An experienced pay per click online marketing consultant will help you get the best possible return from your allocated online marketing budget. The goal of most paid online advertising campaigns is to generate leads, sales and bookings, not just clicks.

  • Content Marketing System

Great content should be at the heart of your marketing, so you need a strategy that helps develop and syndicate it. People are always eager for quality content, whether it is in the form of a blog post, video, or image. If you can create great content, people will be willing to share it across the web. Sharing across blogs and social media will bring traffic to your site, while your new followers will help to keep this cycle repeating.

  • Viral Traffic Generation

When it comes to social media traffic, viral content is hard to beat. Viral content has grown in popularity, with new ideas, jokes, brands, and personalities appearing constantly. From a local business point of view, viral traffic can be gained from things like infographics and guest posts. However, many large companies are embracing the light-hearted side of the internet, creating funny memes that bring some personality to a business.

  • Conversion Optimisation

Traffic is a major part of online marketing, but you can't ignore the importance of conversion optimization. A local business consultant can help to optimize your website and other properties to turn more leads into sales. Conversion optimization can be a broad topic, so it is important to know what you should test before changing anything. In most cases, a first attempt at a website will not produce anywhere near the results you can achieve after optimization.

For any business looking to make ground in the online world, taking on a local business consultant will be a wise move. The online world moves quickly, so a business owner with other responsibilities will find it hard to keep up. Using the expertise of a consultant will ensure you are attuned to the ever-changing pace of online marketing.



My advice to you is learn as much as you can about online marketing so you can either do it yourself or be confident in hiring a digital marketing agency to outsource your marketing to.

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