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4 Things To Remember For An Effective Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing is one the most quickest and effective ways to build your brand and grow engage with potential new customers.

However, like most things that are new, social media can take up a lot of your time, especially if you don't really know what you are doing.

Here are 4 social media marketing strategies that will save you time and fast-track your results.

1. When you write blog posts and promote them through social media, make sure you track and measure which posts drove the most traffic and conversions.

Most social media platforms have built in reporting to show you how much traffic each of your blog posts received. You can then use Google analytics to measure how much of that traffic ended up on your website.

2. Understanding which social media network gets the best results. Not all social media platforms will work for every business so make sure you test and measure to work out which social network or platform is best for your business.

Again, one of the best ways to see which social media platform works best for you is to connect up Google Analytics and use the Social Network reporting tool.

3. Get to know the best time to post to each of your social media channels. Over time you will get to notice how much engagement your posts get at certain times.

Take note of these and then write them into your social media-marketing planner. Stick with them whilst at the same time testing other times and days to compare results. Over time you will work out the best time to post content for maximum engagement and conversion.

4. Find your ideal influencers. In most social circles there are always people you can reach out to for help in promoting your parties or getting the word out about an event.

The same people are out there in social media land. If you find out which people read and share your content the most, you'll be able to better formulate strategies that maximise the reach and impact your content has.

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