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How to Become an Instant Authority in Your Industry



People buy from people they trust or people in authority,

...and authority instantly builds trust

If you want to grow your business this year you NEED to build AUTHORITY.

Regardless of your niche, your life could be made a hell of a lot easier if you were recognised as an authority.

Perception is reality ... and so by consciously building your authority you automatically become the "go to business" in the eyes of your prospects and customers. 

When you are the authority, people stop and take notice.... they will listen to you.

I often get asked to be a keynote speaker at small business networking groups, workshops and conferences.

They ask me because in their eyes I am the "authority" on digital marketing for small business.

Sure I've built a couple of successful online businesses (7 Figure +), and yes, I do run a digital marketing agency and marketing coaching consultancy. 

BUT, unless I had consciously "built my own authority", I'd just be another "me too business" (nothing special)

In the workshops that I run, I teach people how to do stuff....


  • How to Build Your Google Brand
  • How to Digitally Leverage Your Knowledge & Experience
  • 5 Ways to Generate Leads Online
  • 7 Things You Need in Place to Portray Instant Authority & Trust
  • How to Package Your Knowledge, Transfer it and Get Paid for It
  • How to Get Your Website to the Top of Google Without Paying Per Click

By teaching people how to do things.... I build credibility, authority and trust.

and guess what happens next...

People come up and ask for my business card, or ask questions.


Because by teaching them something and asking for nothing in return I automatically built trust.

And by teaching someone about a particular topic I instantly become the authority (in their eyes) on that topic.

So what do you know?








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