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Business Directory Software

Do you want to run your own business directory?

My business directory software has been built from the ground up to enable anyone to build, run and manage a business directory in any niche market without the need to have any web programming, web design or technical experience.

I looked everywhere for a business directory software that was easy to use and functioned well... I couldn't find one that met my requirements so I built my own.

If you want to run a business directory in your local area or niche market then contact me for a walkthrough of my business directory software platform.

You will love the super easy to use admin area that allows you to manage every single area of the site.

You can add categories, sub categories, locations and build unlimited content pages. It also comes with a blog, articles section and built in "on page SEO" to help your directory get better rankings in Google.

As long as you do not compete with my in the markets and niches I operate in I am happy to licence my directory software to you and help you set up your own business directory.

Want to run a member directory? - Yes the same software can be modified to build and manage a members directory.

Who is business directory software for?

  • Entreprenuers who want to start a business directory in any niche maket
  • Franchise and multi location organisations that want to give their franchisees and easy way to promote themselves online to geneate leads in the service areas they are allowed to market themselves in.
  • Industry associations who want to better service their members
  • Internet marketers who want to charge for directory listings or sell advertising space or sell leads

In fact there are many ways to monetise and gain benefit from running an online niche directory.

Now with my business directory software you can!

Contact me for a look inside the engine of Business Directory Software


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