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Marketing Coaching for Small Business Owners


Marketing a business in today's economy requires KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, STRATEGY, TECHNOLOGY and IMPLEMENTATION 

If you don't get smarter with your marketing, you will FAIL.


If you want to successfully market your business and attract new customers in the new economy you have to re-invent the way you do things.... you need to learn about online marketing.

At the end of the day... it's all comes down to how well you market your business, in particular, how well yoy market your business online.

The amount of traffic your website receives.... the number of customers you attract and the amount of sales and bottom line profits all come down to how well you can market your business.

If you don't know how to do this... or have an idea of what works and what doesn't you are doomed

Technology is moving so fast that if you don't "get in the game" NOW...you are going to find it hard to compete in what is already a crowded marketplace.

In 2003 I started my first online business which in time (3 years), I grew into a million dollar a year business.

Believe me.....it wasn't all smooth sailing

In the early days, I got ripped off by web designers who simply told me what I wanted to hear

I got taken advantage of by SEO companies who knew I didn't know anything about SEO which meant they could pretty much tell me anything and I'd believe them

And I was promised the world by marketing gurus that never ever delivered what they promised

The problem was that most people who said they could help me... couldn't and didn't.

You name it.... and I've wasted time, money or energy on it

I made so many mistakes... so many bad decisions that if I hadn't read the books by Napolean Hills "Think and Grow Rich" or Anthony Robbins "Awaken the Giant from Within" all those years earlier I'd probably have given up.

My story is no different to yours

It wasn't until I realised that for me to make the business work and for me to make money I needed to learn and understand how to do it all myself.

So I spent days... nights, weekends over the next few years studying and learning from all the top Internet marketers from all over the world.

The guys that I followed and learnt from had made millions of dollars online.. they were the best of the best.

I learnt how to build websites...

It took 9 months to build my first page

I studied top search engine marketers to learn how to do SEO and get a website to rank at the top of Google.

Everything I learnt I put into practice... I made a lot of mistakes and spent massive amounts of money. 

I kept at it though ..... and then one-day things changed.

BOOM.... finally all that time and hard work had paid off... 

Leads and sales started to flow in and I started to make sales... lots of them.

I grew my idea into a million dollar a year business.

Since then I have helped build dozens of high 6 & 7 figure businesses (both for myself and my clients).

The key to my success was - knowledge!

When you know how to do something or how something works you can do it.... 

Even though I may be considered by some as one of Australia's top internet marketer and online marketing consultants, I still keep in touch with all my mentors and teachers to make sure I am always up with the latest trends. We share ideas, strategies and visions into the future with each other... and sometimes I teach them a thing or two.


I know WHAT you need to do... the RIGHT ORDER you need to do it in... and HOW to do get it done


The problem with most business coaches and consultants is they can talk the talk... but when it comes to getting it done...they have no idea how to do it themselves... that's what makes me so different.

I'm the guy that has done it for himself many times over .....and for many of others too

And I can help YOU achieve the same

This year and beyond it’s going to be a case of “the smartest in the room wins”…. “taking action is going to be paramount”…… anything less will be business suicide

If you “set and forget” and cross your fingers and toes and hope it all works, you’ll most likely spend a ton of money and be in a worse position than you started…. Or you might find yourself “out of the game” altogether.

Over the past few years many legacy businesses “went out of business” …simply because they did not have a digital marketing strategy in place… or have access to a team of competent and trustworthy digital marketing and SEO experts to help them.

They either waited too long to make the move... or they didn't know what to do

OR what they did do ....didn't work!


Watch the video to find out what happens when you master your marketing


The faster you can master your digital marketing, the bigger the gap you will put between you and your competitors and the more successful you will become


I can help YOU set up a complete digital marketing strategy and make sure you implement each part of the strategy in the right order, the right way….so you get it done properly…..

I can help YOU set your business up for success for many years to come.


The Digital Marketing Fast-Track 
(90 Day Business Transformation Program)

Digital Marketing Fast-Track is my signature business coaching / digital marketing coaching program that takes ordinary businesses with potential and turns them into extra ordinary businesses in a very short space of time.

In this program, I help you develop a Digital Marketing Roadmap that once implemented...will not only take your business to the next level and set you apart from your competitors, but it will also ensure that you never have to wonder where your next customer is going to come from ever again.

By the end of the 90 days

You will have a digital marketing road map that will outline the direction you need to take, exactly what you must do and what order to do them in.

Your website will be turned into an Ideal Customer Attraction Magnet that stands out from your competitors and converts website visitors into buyers and automatically adds new prospect contacts to your email marketing system. (We'll be setting this up with you so don't worry if you have not got one in place right now)

You will have a lead generation system in place that drives high-quality traffic to your website and high quality leads to your business.

You will know how to quickly and easily track and measure how well your marketing is performing so that your Return on investment (ROI) is always positive.

You will learn how to apply and use the latest digital marketing technology, strategies and tactics to generate more traffic to your website, attract more customers to your business and make more sales.

You will understand how to take control of your digital marketing and be confident in making the right marketing decisions and taking the the appropriate action ....with absolute confidence.


You can achieve all of this in the next 90 days



  • Digital Discovery (half day at beginning of program at yours or my office)
  • Custom Digital Marketing Success Roadmap
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Roadmap Outline (2 hours usually conducted in week 2) at yours or my office or via skype or Google hangout)
  • Ongoing Fortnightly Coaching (1 hour per fortnight via phone or Skype
  • Implementation Advice / Project Management (as required)
  • Love it or leave it guarantee - at any stage you can walk away as there are no contracts




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