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Hi I am David Lurie, Author of "Marketing for Accountants" & CEO at "MarketMyPractice.com.au.

In today's busy, crowded digital marketing world it's very hard to stand out from the crowd and get attention.

In order to get noticed, build trust and credibility throughout your local business community you must become a "Proactive Marketer".

Gone are the days of relying on the Yellow Pages, local Newspapers or your street signs to attract new clients to your practice. You and I both know that accounting firms are locared everywhere and you are all competing for the same customer.

Once upon a time the Yellow Pages, Local Newspapers and street signs worked.

Marketing and advertising your accounting practice was easy.

Not anymore.

The reason is marketing for accountants has changed.

With the internet and digital economy people expect to find you and get to know you online.

And most accountants are not savy when it comes to online marketing.

My book "Marketing for Accountants" explains exactly what you need to do to build, market and grow and accounting practice. I cover everything from how to set up an effective accounting website, to generating and attracting new clients from Google and Social Media to how to position yourself as the "go to accounting firm in your local community".

Like it or not, you have to get better at marketing.

You don't have to do the marketing yourself as you can always hire a professional marketing agency to help you, but I strongly suggest you gain and understanding of online marketing fundamentals so you don't get taken advangate of.

I see too many small business owners get ripped off and taken for a ride due to their lack of understanding of what they are actually paying their marketing service providers for.

If you read my book "Marketing for Accountants" cover to cover you will have enough knowledge on marketing your business you could easily do it yourself or hire someone internally to do so.

However that is not intention for you.

I'd prefer that once you have read my book and gained an understanding of what marketing your accounting practice needs to be undertaking, then you will be more confident in hiring my company "Market My Practice" to assist you.

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