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What is Multi Domain Manager / Multi Web Manager

Multi Domain / Web Manager is a powerful web application that allows you to quickly and easily create and manage multiple websites from one console. Each site that you create can either be a "clone" of an existing website or design framework, or a brand new site with its own unique design, features and functionality.


No Web Design Skills or Technical Knowledge is Required


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Why Multi Domain Manager

In 2009 I registered over 8500 domain names with the idea of building websites on each of them.

The problem was that even if it took 1 day to build a website, it was going to take me 33 years to build websites on all my domain - that was not an option.

There were a few products on the market that claimed to do what I was wanting to do but once I investigated them further they did not meet my needs.

I needed a platform to build websites fast and to be able to manage all the sites from one console.

AND.. I wanted anyone to be able to do it

So I invested in building my own platform

Introducing Mutli Domain / Web Manager

I personally have over 2000 websites live online that were all built from Multi Domain Manager.

I am able to access and manage each site quickly without needing to contact my web developer, web designer or me needing to have any technical or web programming experience.

My staff (none of them are web designers) can easily update and mange the sites.

Can you imagine being able to launch great looking websites FAST and WITHOUT needing to pay a web designer or developer?

Multi Domain Manager does it.

Who is it for

You Own Lots of Domain Names  & Want to Build Websites on Them

You Do SEO and Want to Build Your Own Network of Sites Fast

You are Graphic Designer and Don't Know How to Build Websites

You are a Business Owner and Want to Generate More Leads

You are an Agency and Want a Smarter, Faster Way to Manage Your Clients Websites

You are an Internet Entrepreneuer and Want to Turn Your Ideas into Reality

You Want to Make Money Online Publishing Conent or From Affiliate Marketing

You Want to Dominate Your Industry or Niche Online

Quite seriously the list could go on...

For a Pricing & Demo of Multi Domain Manager please contact me


I am not letting just anyone use this platform.

In the wrong hands somoene could gain a serious unfair advantage in their industry or niche.

This platform must only be used for good... not evil


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