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One of my passions and creative outlet is digital photography… I have been for a few years...and still am, actively studying photography and am always shooting photos on weekends and in my spare time. I love doing taking photos of people... Who knows…maybe I’ll become a pro photographer one day and travel the world taking photos of all interesting places and people along the way…

My photography websites is being built as we speak….

Oh... If you are looking to get into photography yourself.... Don't sign up to any course at Photo Image in Melbourne... Beware of the owner who is a slick salesman.... they charge at least 10 times more than any other beginner photography Melbourne based course. The owners of Photo Image... in my opinion, are only interested in how much money they can extract from you or get you to spend with their prefered list suppliers.... even though they tell you their passion is teaching photgraphy.

As soon as I started this course I was told that I needed to buy all the top of the range...most expensive camera equipment.... I questioned this...being a beginner photography course and all but they said they teach only using the latest and best equipment..... and the most expensive.

I should have done more research before signing up with Photo Image Melbourne. I didn't know what I was in for and that is my fault. I have really learnt a lesson... and possibly a costly one....especially now that they are using lawers and debt collection agencies to try and extract money out of me.

All of this is my opinion by the way.... do your own research before signing on the dotted line..

I had a bad experience with Photo Image Photography courses Melbourne that's all.... wasted a lot of money with them.

How's this.... at the 6 months mark the teacher asks me to adjust my auto focus settings... I didn't even know what she was talking about... It was then I realised that they hadn't even taken me through basic camera functions...

Again...my advice... if you are a beginner photographer in Melbourne and want to do a digital photography course don't sign up with Photo Image... their course costs over 16,000 to do... and it is not even a recognised course.

I found out the hard way.... and wasted my money.

They told me they were becoming an RTO and going to be running a certificate 4 in photography... then once I signed up they told me they didn't get the accreditation....

You can do a recognised course at Tafe for one tenth of the cost I paid... and probably learn more!

Again... this is only my experience.... you need to do your own research and make your own decisions.

But.... I did get sent a letter from their lawyers when I missed a payment..... talk about a passion......for money!

This again is just my opinion...... you really do need to make your own mind up when deciding who to engage if you want to sign up to a beginner photography course in Melbourne..... Photo Image sounded good on paper, but in my opinion are way to over priced for what they offer... AND ... their teaching style is too technical..... again in my opinion.

They are excellent sales people by the way...... The owner speaks very passionately about his experiences with photography... but beware of his tactics ...... remember the course costs $16k and their contract..... yes he calls it a "contact" ..... has been put together by one of the top law firms in Melbourne.

Money... money.... money....... what was that ABBA song?


Good luck no matter who you choose to learn photography with... :)


David Lurie  Student of Photography (not at Photo Image photography studio  & courses in Melbourne)

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