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Fitness Marketing is one of my passions having started way back in 2003.

Like most people in the fitness industry, I started my career working as a personal fitness trainer.

Whilst working as a trainer at various gyms throughout Melbourne I found that I had a natural flair for marketing and sales.

Gym owners would ask me for help coming up with marketing ideas to attract new members and I’d go away and design the promotions for them. As each promotion attracted more new members I found myself working more on marketing campaigns than taking personal training sessions, and I was getting paid more too.

I really enjoyed coming up with the ideas and strategies to get more members and I also enjoyed the extra money I made from doing so. It wasn't long before other gym owners heard about me and wanted me to come work for them.

I decided to go and work for one of Australia's most successful fitness marketing companies at the time and the day I signed on as a salesperson for Lifeforce I was given a sales manual called " The Psychology of Fitness Sales" and was told to read it.

It was probably one of the most helpful resources I've ever had the privilege of coming across, although I didn't realise that at the time. That gym membership sales manual gave me the training to be able to sell fitness memberships by the bucket load, in any market and to anyone.

It taught me the secrets to selling fitness that only the top 1% in the fitness industry knew about, let alone use.

In 2 years I sold over 10,000 gym memberships... most of them were 20 months contracted memberships, which you could not cancel. I made more money in that time than I did for the previous 7 years working as a casino blackjack dealer and part-time personal trainer.

The fitness sales and marketing campaigns that I worked on were very similar to those that Creative Fitness Marketing and Advance Fitness Marketing run today. In fact, for a few years, Lifeforce was so dominant that Creative Fitness Marketing pulled out of the Australian market.

During my 2 years working as a fitness sales consultant for Lifeforce, I visited over 100 gyms and health clubs throughout Australia and was fortunate enough to meet some fantastic people along the way.

Eventually, I was given the responsibility for managing the whole fitness marketing campaigns that included setting up joint bank accounts with gym owners, managing staff, selling gym memberships and running the campaign so that they made money.

I ran fitness sales and marketing campaigns for Genesis Fitness Clubs, (I put 600 members into their Dandenong club in 6 weeks, 450 into Doncaster and 525 into Oakleigh in similar timeframes), 265 members into Fitness 405 in Preston (now that is tough market to sell in), Leeton Fitness Centre where even though zero memberships were sold on the first day (everyone in town was at a funeral), I managed to sell 175 new memberships in the next 10 days. I remember 8 people turning up to their appointment at the same time and having to do a needs analysis on all them. I think I closed either 6 or 7 out of the 8.

I travelled to gym after gym using the psychology of fitness sales formula that I was taught by reading that sales manual. In fact, I still have a copy and use it today in all my other business interests... it's a blueprint to sales success. Other sales and marketing professionals have asked me for a copy but I've never ever shown it to anyone, it's worth more than diamonds.

Since my early days as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and then fitness membership sales consultant I've continued my learning and training in business and personal development. I have been mentored and coached by some of the top marketing and business minds in the world, especially in the internet marketing space. 

I"ve taken all the best systems, learnings and training and combined them them with the things that worked for me in my own fitness marketing and sales experience, my own businesses and the teachings of others and developed my own fitness sales and marketing blueprint to success system that helps gyms and personal trainers market their business better, close more sales and boost bottom line profits.

The underlying key is to have fitness sales and marketing plan and strategy in place.

Without a plan and a fitness marketing strategy in place, you cannot succeed and reach your full potential.

Speak to me about how I can help your gym or personal training business reach its full potential!

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