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Run Your Own Web Design Business

No Technical Experience Required


The Web Business in a Box business opportunity allows you to sell and build websites to clients without the need for any technical ability or previous web design experience.

Using the EziWeb builder software you are able to quickly and easily set up a website in minutes and start customising the site to suit your clients' needs. 

The EziWeb building software comes with 100's of design frameworks, plug-ins and features that allow you to build a website out of the box with the exact functionality your client is going to need.

The software also easily integrates with all 3rd party applications such as booking software, social media, email sign up forms etc.

Built-In SEO
The EziWeb website software also comes with "built-in SEO" which helps your websites rank higher in Google. Most web designers miss this important part when building websites for clients.

If you think about it, there is no point to having a website if it can't be found or seen, so knowing your websites will be SEO friendly from the day they go live instantly gives you the edge over most other web design companies.

Mobile Friendly
In today's mobile world websites need to be mobile friendly. The EziWeb website software builds websites that are automatically mobile friendly.

Types of Sites You Can Build for Clients

  • Template Websites (choose from 100's of design frameworks)
  • Custom Designed Websites
  • Membership Sites
  • Simple Websites
  • Lead Generation Websites
  • Showcase or Catalogue Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Business or Member Directory Websites
  • Blog Websites

The Business Opportunity

We teach you how to make great money setting up and designing great looking, mobile and SEO friendly websites for your clients.

Earn between $1500 - $3500 per website
Build passive income from website hosting & CMS licence fees
Make $60.00 - $100 per hour for after-sales services (updates, changes etc)

Do it part-time (ideal for social media managers, web designers, work from home mums, graphic designers, freelancers, marketing consultants etc).

Do it full time (ideal for salespeople who want to sell an in-demand product and build a six-figure income)

Add it to your current service offering (Ideal for SEO companies, Web Designers, Graphic Design Agencies, Signage Companies, Business Coaches, Marketing Consultants)

Here's What's Included;

  • EziWeb Building Software
  • Initial & Ongoing Training
  • Your Own Agency Website
  • Quoting Templates
  • Sales & Promotional Material (branded as your business)
  • Marketing Strategies to Win Clients
  • Access to 31 Niche Designs
  • Ongoing Support


If you are Interested in the Web Business in a Box business opportunity contact me for a no obligation chat. I'll explain more about how the numbers work and also give you a demonstration of the web building software... you'll be amazed!

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