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David Lurie - SEO Consultant Melbourne

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Melbourne local SEO consultant David Lurie runs SEO company Click Local SEO. Get proven results with complete transparency. Get a Free SEO Quote.

If you want more proven results to feel more confident that your search for an SEO consultant Melbourne expert was not in vain take a look at some of my recent 1st page SEO results. - click here

You will see that I am much more than simply a Melbourne SEO Expert. I am an online marketing consultant that knows how to get websites found on Google and generate leads - cost effectively.

If you dig a little deeper you'll find out that I'm probably one of the few SEO consultants in this country you can trust for transparency, and more importantly results.

Before you speak to any more SEO company Melbourne based agencies or seo consultants, do yourself a favour and get a bit more of an understanding of what is SEO... and what is really involved. 

If you have heard of MOZ... then you'd know hey are the biggest perceived provider of SEO advice, tools and metrics in the SEO industry.

Here's the thing...

They do not do SEO.

My point is, be careful who you listen to and what you read. There are too many bloggers, talkers and tricksters out there that just want to be heard. The internet allows you to do that.

The problem is it becomes harder for you to tell who is the "read deal" and who is not.

I'll let you judge whether or not you think I'm the real deal.

If you want help growing your business, generating more leads or to improve your website ranking feel free to get in touch.

Please be aware that my services are not cheap, nor are they out of the park expensive.

Keen to chat? Call my office on 1300 725 854

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